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Which Clinic to use and the difference between pallitive & Curative treatment
Posted: Monday, February 15, 2010 10:57 AM
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My 43 year old husband has been diagnosed with Cancer of the Ampular vartar. It has invaded the head & body of the Pancreas and is around 5cm by 5cm. He also had 2 x 1 cm peritoneum nodules seen on his first CT. He has had a stent fitted as he became jaundice. We approached The CK Centre in London & were point blank refused any help and the consultant never even bothered to look at my husband’s CT scans he just dismissed him without a consultation as in the referral letter our surgeon had mentioned he had peritoneum spread... We never gave up and continued our search to find a solution. We approached both Sanford & Turkey & they both invited my husband to send his details. We went to see the consultant @ Sanford & were very impressed by the level of knowledge all the staff had but the cost is so high in comparison to Turkey. They requested a PET scan to determine the existent of the spread before offering treatment. He has had 6 courses of Gemcitaben & cisplat and the nodules in the peritoneum where no longer visible by the CT scan. On a recent PET scan as well as the primary tumour, which had a low uptake of fluid, they found 2 small strings of cancer in his peritoneum but none anywhere else. He is not a candidate for surgery because of vessel invasion. He is in very good health other than this. We have approached a couple of Clinics to see if they would consider him and they have asked for his scans. It’s now a waiting game but I wonder if anyone could say how to determine the best clinic to use? Also is there any difference in the treatment between Palliative & Curative with CK. Thanks.

Posted: Monday, February 15, 2010 5:09 PM
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If the disease has spread to the peritoneum, he will not be cured by any treatment directed at the pancreas mass. Curative treatment is aimed eradicating all the disease permanently. Palliative treatment is aimed at treating or preventing symptoms. He would be a candidate for palliative treatment. I would not advise going to the expense of treatment in this situation. Standard therapies will likely be as effective at palliation.


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